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We are local people passionate about bringing
communities together.

We support anyone who needs our help no matter what the reason.

Originally founded in 2018 Gillingham Street Angels are a small grassroots charity

that supports local people experiencing homelessness, financial hardship and

food poverty across Medway!

Our Vision

Our vision, whilst challenging, is simple; we support anyone living in Medway whose

lives have been impacted by Homelessness, Financial Hardship and Food Poverty.

We work with local communities and volunteers to deliver a holistic approach to the wellness support and services we offer. We simultaneously address the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual components of the people we supports health with the view to enabling them to live better quality and longer lives.

Our Mission


We understand that navigating the healthcare system can sometimes be overwhelming and we are proud to offer a holistic approach when delivering our wellbeing support and wherever possible we aim to provide as much of these as a one-stop-shop for a range of needs.

Our mission is to deliver this support to those in our communities that are vulnerable, isolated, lonely and in need through:


  • Raising awareness on important local concerns,

  • Reducing health inequalities through enabling people to make healthier lifestyle choices,

  • Programme of health & wellbeing support delivered via our primarily volunteer-led range of support and services.

  • Providing a programme of social activities that people can feel hopeful about and look forward to.

  • We aim to make accessing community activities and health and wellbeing services and appointments as 'stress-free' as possible for the people we help.

  • Offering meaningful opportunities to connect with others and volunteer opportunities to help those who are vulnerable, isolated and in need.

Click below to see how we make a difference in our new 'Impact Report'
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