Our Supporters

Below Our some of the Businesses that were are in partnership with and without their support none of what we do would be possible, our partners are a huge part of making this possible. If you click on any logo it will link you directly to their website.


Fairshare were one of the first suppliers to come on board with us supplying ambient food to current day supplying chilled, Frozen and fresh food.


Ocado has now joined us in supplying all sorts of great supplies from toiletries to chilled and ambient food  their generosity is  absolutely fantastic.


Sunnyside Rural Trust is an absolutely amazing trust that have a huge and extensive range of support for all, incredibly thankful for all their support.

Animal support angels.jpg

A huge Thank you to everything that Amanda at the Animal Support Angels does to help and support us in our cause to ensure our homeless animals have enough to eat. These animals are the best friends to our homeless community. Click on the logo to link to Amanda's Facebook page.


Sainsbury's are a huge support to us providing great support with supplying food and with supporting us with their help to get our sustainable allotment up and running.


The Kent Autistic Trust have been really amazing in supporting us, aiding us to set up our 1st allotment for sustainable food sources, we can not thank this amazing Trust for everything they do to support the cause we have, but just as  importantly what they also do to help our community that have Autism. Please visit their website or click the video button.

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