Currently we are fully stocked with regular volunteers, should we require additional volunteers we will post an advert on here, you will need to provide a full DBS check document as we do work with Vulnerable adults.


We are always open to ideas for fundraising for our cause, we are currently a non-funded organisation, so if you have any ideas we would be happy to hear from you just visit our contact us page and leave your details or click the button below.

Are you a Business that would like to support us please visit our contact us page or simply click the contact us button

If your a business that would like to support us in donating free hair/beard cuts for our homeless friends, donate surplus food that would otherwise be binned, or be able to provide free dental or chiropody checkups, or donate paper cups or plates that you may no longer require due to change in logo or colours please click the button below and fill in your details we will be greatly appreciative of your kind support, we can also arrange for collection or drop off points.


In Person

You can donate items to our unit at Unit A Jenkins Dale, Chatham

Kent, ME4 5RD

Or at our Hub

43 Skinner Street, Gillingham,

Kent. ME7 1LG

We accept kind donations from sealed food items, Household items, Furniture, bedding, tents, sleeping bags, dog food and animal bedding, quilts, sanitary items, white goods are all greatfully appreciated.


You can donate to our Soup Kitchen Go Fund Page here, I'd love it if you took a moment to check out my GoFundMe campaign on the blue donate button, or by PayPal on the yellow donate button

Over the Phone

Please contact Neil Charlick. on

07827 298882 

contact me here to arrange for collection or drop off at our unit, or at our hub.

By Email

You can Email me to also arrange for collection and drop off at my unit, or our Hub

email: or click the button below