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Download Facebook Hacker Version 2.6.0 (April-2022)




New symbols - LND, LND.EU, LNG.EU, GLNG.EU, WLB, VON, AU, NA, CAN and OTC Markets - a new section with a list of the OTC markets has been added. Customize you symbols or tickers - you can now customize which data you see in the panel of the chart. Interactive charting - Drag your mouse to zoom the chart and click to rotate the chart. Legend - Drag the legend to the right and left to change the chart position. You can now view on both charts at the same time. Basic chart options - you can change the number of columns, the maximum number of values on the plot and the number of days per plot. Chart annotations - you can now add annotations on the chart to make your chart more easy to read. You can also add your own annotation or use the one of the predefined templates. Customizable line types - You can now change the line type of your chart, e.g. you can now choose from linear, exponential, logarithmic, parenchymal, loglog, equation, candlestick, parabola, pyramid, cone, comb, spline, linear2, quad, cubic, cubic2, exponential2, logarithmic2 and polynomial2. Default change of colors - When the sun is on your chart, the day will be colored in red, e.g. the chart above has a sun on Monday. Standard interval chart - the chart can be customized to show the data in a 'classic' interval chart, by choosing interval and top from the interval tab and choosing for your interval the number of days. The last example above is a chart with a 10 day interval. Interval chart with standard color - the chart can be customized to show the data in a 'classic' interval chart with a standard color (day or symbol). This is a selection on the interval tab of the standard interval chart. Individual day chart - the chart can be customized to show only the data of a day (can be no data, data from one day only or the data of a range of days). You can adjust for your chart to either show a line or a candlestick. You can select a color to the candlesticks and you can select the line to show - line or dashed line. You can also choose for your chart to show either a line chart or a candlestick chart. If you choose the line chart it can



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Download Facebook Hacker Version 2.6.0 (April-2022)

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