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"What a Lovely Jub-I-Lee Day"

After many months of strategic planning and countless meetings, Neil Charlick had finally succeeded in organising one of the most spectacular events in our GSA history, the Platinum Jubilee Street Party, Gillingham.

Neil structured members of the team to ensure that each part was supervised and manned to aid in a smooth and successful operation and that; it most certainly was. We had some amazing photo opportunity posh chairs and of course our genius Sir Thomas Waghorn photo board, which were all quite popular, we supplied free soft drinks, hotdogs and burgers, a free tombola everyone was a winner and many people couldn't believe it was free, we had several other organisation's and displays there as well showing support and giving a fun and exciting environment to our community to come along and enjoy themselves for free.

We were also delighted and honored for The Mayor & Consort & The Town Crier

to also attend our event.

So to list just some of the other organisation's that supported the day were (apologies if I have missed anyone):

LET LOOSE free outdoor concert giving hope to victims of abuse (MJPraise)

Stormtrooper Steve

Strengthening Minds Ltd

MedwayComm GospelChoir

Krazy Kids Party Bus

The Crazy Captain

BBC news

A special thank you to K.Hargreaves Photography for some of the most brilliant pictures of the day be sure to check out Kim's F.B page for more information on her services.

Below are just some of the pictures from the day, there are literally thousands all over social media which I am sure you have seen, it was an absolutely fantastic event, Neil has been asked if he has any future plans to do something like this again... Keep your eyes peeled and drop by our F.B page now and then to keep up to date to find out what could be next...

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