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We Welcome your kindness for our shoe box appeal.

Shoe Box Appeal

This time last year local supporters began putting together shoe boxes of donations for us to distribute to the homeless community of Medway.

This year we have nearly 5 times the number of people dependant on our charity. A 400% increase, compared to this time last year.

Interventions for the relief of poverty by way of food parcels and other essentials have proven key in preventing homelessness for people who cannot afford to buy the basics to sustain health and hygiene and pay their bills, and now entering into the season of tough "eat or heat" decisions for many people, we're needed more than usual.

Please may we ask our kindly Shoe Box donors to consider men, women, children, the elderly, those who are suffering very poor mental health and not forgetting pets too this Christmas.

Since March 2020, we've seen the people needing our support grow and diversify, to include many people who never needed charitable help before and who need it now due to no fault of their own. We want to be able to help make the festive period brighter for as many people as possible.

As always we appreciate the generosity of folks who are in a position to ease the suffering of others less fortunate, in any way.

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