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We We're Honoured, to be Invited to Medway Emergency Services Day.

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Emergency Services Day (also known as 999 Day) is a national day across the UK. It is supported by HM The Queen, the Prime Minister and First Ministers of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

We really appreciate all the work that across the board all of our Emergency Service staff & volunteers carry out on a daily basis to keep our community's across the UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales, safe and well.

We were absolutely honoured to be invited to Medway councils emergency services day, it was a real pleasure to meet not only the senior staff from Medway's emergency services but also lots of great charities that share our love of Medway and it’s residents, Further more, "it was a real honour to be recognised for the work we do by the emergency services and Medway council, to also receive along with a couple of other local charity's an award for our support to our local community and further afield especially during the pandemic, we we're also made to feel like we're part of the Medway emergency services teams".

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