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We're honored to support Medway's Fit & Fed programme

We are so proud that we have been able to provide a vast amount of healthy meals to children that are enrolled in the Medway Go FnF programme.

For too many young people, school holidays can be a time of hardship, hunger and isolation, as families in under-served communities struggle to fund the added food and childcare costs that the holidays bring. Fit and Fed exists to plug that gap.

Since its inception in 2016, the programme has benefited 66,198 children/young people, with a whopping 528,582 free meals being provided in this time.

The Fit and Fed programme continues to be a lifeline for low income families, with activities taking place across England and Wales. But in a post-Covid world there are still thousands of young people experiencing holiday hunger and who are physically inactive and isolated.

Now more than ever it is vital that programmes like Fit and Fed are there to give young people and their families the support they need, and to contribute to the nation’s recovery.

On the final week of one of the schools we have been working with on the fit and fed program, we supplied a barbecue for the last session, for many of the children this one little gesture will remain as an amazing and lasting memory, the excitement and delight this event caused was unimaginable and absolutely priceless to have witnessed, we really appreciate all the support we get to make it possible.

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