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We have installed secure mobile phone charging lockers

At our food bank hub we have installed brand new secure charging lockers for mobile phones. The new mobile phone charging locker is now ready to use at 43 Skinner Street Gillingham, ME7 1LG.

Things we take for granted as we do not have to worry about finding somewhere we can charge our phones, for most, a mobile phone is just a phone so you can contact people or run your business whilst on the move, but to our homeless community a mobile phone is their lifeline, so we have installed this system so that our homeless know they can come along and leave their phone in a safe and secure locked locker to charge. This will help keep phones charged and enable them to keep touch with family and other necessary services or for services to be able to make contact.

We are also looking for safe and secure buildings that we could install a locker at so our homeless community can still access a charging place outside our operational times, if you could accommodate one please contact Neil Charlick.

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