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The first batch of thousands of pack lunches on route for the school holidays

The school Summer Holidays are upon us again, they seem to come round so fast.

For the Easter Holidays, we said we would ensure that children in our area would have food, and we did exactly that.

We realise that we're needed again now but in all honesty we don't know how we're going to meet all the extra needs of so many requiring help over the next 6-8 weeks.

In the last two months over 4350 of our food bank recipients were children.

We will do our best to get fresh fruit and veg, and healthy snacks to those most in need but how do you prioritise some children over others? It breaks our hearts to think of a single child going hungry.

With all the mental and physical health concerns worrying people at the moment, the least we have do for our community is make sure children are fed.

Please help us if you can. Any support is greatly appreciated at this time and at all times of the year as we operate 365 days of the year, please visit our donation page if you can help at, or you can message our page to let us know if you can help.

The first batch of thousands of pack lunches on route for the school holidays, we appreciate those who have supported us to make this possible, food will also be available as normal for those in need at our food bank distribution hub in Gillingham, 43 skinner street, Gillingham, ME7 1LG from 9am until 1pm Monday to Saturday.

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