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Our Storage Unit Has Sadly, become a Target.

As most of you know we are a charity that give things away for free, we’ve had 3 attempts of breaking in and theft from our warehouse in Chatham, it’s quite disturbing as we give things-away for free no need to steal them, the grids from the roof that have been stolen are metal but not lead or anything precious so these must of been taken for somebody who really needs them that bad, they had to steal them from a charity. I’ve posted a couple of the CCTV videos on our Facebook Page, if you know anybody who has acquired lots of these sheets or you have any information of people who are desperate enough to steal from a charity that’s helped thousands of people through a pandemic please contact Medway police, it’s hard enough to raise money as it is without having to spend extra on security costs to keep the free food safe, you will See from the above photos cameras that have been smashed and taken, door locks damaged, security sheeting from the roof stolen, for those who support us as always appreciate your support stay safe.

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