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KMTV Interview with Gina about School uniform clothes bank.

A charity in Medway has set up a 'School Uniform Bank' to provide pupils with second-hand uniforms before the term begins next month.

Volunteers at the Gillingham Street Angels started the initiative this year and say the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Credit: Kent Online & KMTV

KMTV have been finding out how successful the campaign has been so far

This was a trial initiative we tried for the local community to expand our support, we, were not prepared for how quickly this has became a very big success in a very short space of time. This has become so popular with donations and requests we will now be continuing this initiative for the foreseeable future, Gillingham Street Angels school uniform clothing bank & swap shop will remain as a permanent and free service to help support families that are still finding it difficult to cover the costs of uniform from new, we are so grateful for the huge amount of clothing donated towards this initiative that we have been able to hand out to extremely grateful families.

For enquiries or to arrange making a donation please email Gina or Kylie to

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