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Just Some of the Food Donations and 1 person meals for our community in need during the pandemic.

With again a Huge thank you to all for your kindness to our community and helping us to support and help our community in need during this difficult time of pandemic.

Thanks to Cliff from the Morrison's distribution centre for the ongoing support, Appreciate your support Sundar Rachana in supplying individual meals for us to distribute to those in need, a lovely donation of fresh meat and vegetables from Angeline at Erith, this will help us provide healthy meals for people in need, appreciate your support Tesco, Shozna

we appreciate your support supplying fresh healthy food for us to distribute to people in need, Appreciate the support of Nazs Rasoi, Repair360, Jay Islam, cooking and supplying food for us to give out to those in need, We have kindly been donated a large amount of Potatoes and yogurts, many, meals cooked daily ready to give to those in need, we have lots of bedding and blankets if in need stay safe and stay warm, We have quite a lot of baby milk all new but short dated if in need, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, Appreciate all your support last year, special thanks to the volunteers who put in an amazing amount of time to make sure people in need get what they need in the best of our ability's, the people that donate food and supplies to us to make this happen Ocado, Asda, Sainsbury's, Aldi UK,, FareShare, MidKent College, the local community and business that help and who help cook food for us every week, local councillors and Medway council have greatly supported us. It’s been a difficult year but many charities and the voluntary sectors have pulled together and worked together to get help to those in need, we really appreciate all your support and so much more thank you everyone for supporting us at Gillingham Street Angels.

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