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Don't landfill it recycle it, we are recycling your unwanted electrical items.

The new recycling bin to go with he’s big brother will start taking small electrical items, our clothing recycle bin has a buddy that's hungry for your unwanted electrical items, if it fits in the bin put it in, any larger items please call ahead so we can arrange for you to drop in during operational hours, this is our first one located at our head office at Unit A, Jenkins Dale, Chatham, ME4 5RD this is our extension of reducing landfill and putting unwanted items in to good use, as always we at Gillingham Street Angels are thriving to find different ways to reduce landfill and reduce carbon footprints to help protect the environment. Please remember we have 2 clothing donation bins, 1 at Unit A, Jenkins Dale and 1 at Chatham football club. We also collect for and have drop off points for St. Mary's Island Crisp Packet Project at our Unit in Jenkins Dale, our Hub in Skinner Street and our Café in Prospect Place, Blake Avenue, Gillingham, ME7 1FX.

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