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A Warm Welcome to Chucks Uwaechia, as our newest Trustee

Chucks has been a valued member of our volunteer team for the last 2 years supporting us with a whole manner of food collections, donations and distribution. Chucks and his own team also supports a network of people in our communities that are in desperate need of help. We were absolutely delighted that Chucks accepted our invitation to join our team as a Trustee.

Below is what Chucks has to say.

OFFICIALLY A STREET ANGEL: Yesterday I was given a Trustee Role at the Gillingham Street Angels....when I started the food campaign two years ago during lockdown... many families in the community..... spoke highly of Gillingham Street Angels.

When I met Neil Charlick (aka Chief Food Hunter)... and many of the volunteers...I got a taste of Kindness in Humanity.... I was then privy to information behind the scene... creating partnerships with the Big 4 supermarket's, been told 9,000 people were fed in October and 5,000 per week during the height of the pandemic.... the School uniform campaign to give kids free uniforms.... the work with street homeless in the community providing soup kitchens, blankets..... furniture distributed to families in need.... and the funds required to keep an operation of this magnitude.

Thank you so much for inviting.... me on board as a trustee.... this community has picked us up when we are down and has been a rock for many of us.

We can reassure you and with passion and humanity we shall strive and make sure no family or child would go to bed hungry in our community.

Thank you again... I am humbled and with gratitude in my heart as we return back on the streets delivering food bags for our 5 000 Food Bag campaign today in my Gillingham Street Angels Jumper.

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