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A Dear Farewell To Our Rosie Darke.

Rosemary Anne Darke 13th June 1963 - 13th October 2019.

With huge thanks to T.Allen Chapel Strood for such a fantastic Service.

We can not thank everyone enough for all their support to make this day as special as possible for the final farewell to such a wonderful & amazing lady, those who knew Rose and her colourful terminology and choices of words will know just how brilliant our Rose was, she had a very difficult time of life, but still managed to make people laugh and smile whilst always carrying a huge smile and laugh for herself despite all her own difficulties, Neil Charlick made this day possible and ensured with his close support all went smoothly, a difficult time for all Family and Friends, but Rose would of been very proud to see everyone that cared there.

Massive thank you to everyone that very kindly donated towards Rosie's final farewell.

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