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Supporting And helping The homeless and those in need, anyone is welcome to our Soup Kitchens 


We are Gillingham Street Angels a small grassroots charity in Gillingham and Rochester in Kent. We aim to offer a freely available service to our local homeless friends in our community by providing sustainable hot and cold food, hot and cold non-alcohol beverages and essentials such as toiletries, clothing, bedding, tents, associated items so our homeless friends can cook and have utensils to enable our homeless community to survive. We are a non-profit organisation who realise we have a problem in our area. We work in partnership with many authorities and organisations in Medway we aim to maximise the personal touch we can to help. We travel across Rochester, Strood, Chatham & Gillingham we often walk the streets to find where our homeless friends are sleeping and to also locate anyone new that may not be aware of our soup kitchens and explain where to find us. We also help our friends to make relevant appointments with various agencies, This gives our homeless and vulnerable friends the one to one interaction they deserve, also families in need. This website has been created to make people more aware of what is happening within our community and to kindly ask you that if you have a spring clean or clear out to think of our local community and donate your unwanted items if you can as we also look after and support vulnerable persons and our friends that are less fortunate and are struggling this also includes their pets as we supply wet and dry food for them as well. If you have any donations please see our contact page and fill in the form or see our support us page as We can arrange collection or arrange a drop off point you can deliver to.

Together we can make a difference

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Donations Are always Welcomed

Please GIVE TODAY TO HELP End Hunger for the homeless and support those in need, we take all donations and give out for free we are non-profitable organisation and rely on the good faith of businesses and generous persons to support our cause.

Contact Us

Gillingham Street Angels

UnitA Jenkins Dale

Chatham, Kent


Office: 01634 579398

Mobile: 07827 298882

Neil Charlick

Gillingham Street Angels Charity Shop​/Hub

43 Skinner Street,

Gillingham, KENT


Shop: 01634 855608

Mobile: 07790 052575

Tracy Charlick

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Registered Charity Number : 1184311

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