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Gillingham Street Angels

The Lady Colgrain at Gillingham Street Angels Foodbank
Gillingham Street Angels Charity Shop
Gavin at Gillingham Street Angels Allotment
Gillingham Street Angels Furniture & appliacnes shop
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Gillingham Street Angels Patron The Lady Colgrain

Supporting and helping the homeless and anyone in need, no matter the reason. 



Gillingham Street Angels are a small grassroots charity Est. in 2019. but the organisation was founded in 2018

Our mission is helping the homeless, members of our community, and vulnerable people of all ages in the Medway towns and surrounding areas. From our foodbank at 43 Skinner Street, Gillingham, We supply food parcels, including fresh food, between 9 am until 1 pm Monday to Friday & 9am until 12 midday Saturday.

We have several services available to anyone in need of extra help & support click HERE for a quick link to our services page, alternatively you can use the navigation menu.

We provide facilities to wash and dry clothes including bedding to the street homeless.

We offer anyone in need of extra help and support with form filling & applications when they come to our support office to have a meeting with our support advisor, who will be able to advise and help especially for our service users that do not have internet access to deal with various issues, from job center applications to housing applications.

We have an allotment at Hazelmere Drive, Gillingham, providing an environment for those not wishing to be public-facing, but can engage with nature, and increase self-worth, and a safe place for people not wanting to work front line, but would like assist us in growing a sustainable food source for the meals we provide.

Our outreach teams cover all Medway areas in Gillingham, Rochester, Strood & Chatham so if you have any concerns about a street homeless person or know someone that is in any potential danger please make contact with us click HERE for our contacts page.

On a daily basis, we are in contact with local authorities and the police to offer assistance to anyone they need to refer for help, we also work close with other charities to assist if they require any further help & support, we also have regular contact with supermarkets and local businesses who generously support us with food donations. 

We are part of the Medway emergency food project Medway food partnership run by the Medway Council, this was set up during the first pandemic to help people of Medway, including children that are entitled to a free school meal with a free lunch during the school holidays.

We are grateful to the many businesses and individuals who have contributed and continue to contribute to our charity, enabling us to help so many at this time of real need.

Together we can make a difference

Why not pop along to our news page to see our latest news and updates.

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Donations Are always Gratefully Received 

Please HELP TO HELP End Hunger for the homeless and support those in need, we take all donations and give out for free we are a non-profitable organization and rely on the good faith of businesses and generous persons to support our cause.

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